Yes…common Renault 5….was our family car till to 2006. They has great car with little engine 840cc (fuel consumption under 5 litres per 100km). Then after little crash stay out of use and wait for his time. And skills and experiences. And money….lot of money ( you know 🙂 ). In year 2011 we was ready for new, big project and we start unique rebuild common 3-door Renault to RWD replica of famous rally car Renault 5 Turbo. After thousands working hours replica R5 Turbo was finished in summer of 2016. Then was „checked“ at first competition at Slovakia, hillclimb race at Ostra Luka near Zvolen. Great experience ! And what about rally ? YES…..lets try it.

….and there you can see building progress from start (year 2011) till finish (2016)…

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