Citroen Saxo 1600 racing engine

common great PSA 1.6 16v engine, upgraded with ported head, sports camshafts, racing pistons and con-rods, tuned with full programable ECU get power 166HP and 176Nm (150 Nm between 3000-7700rpm). Great for rally competitions and big advance is long engine life.

                                    Škoda Felícia 1400 kit

Classic OHV engine 1396ccm, cylinder head with bigger valves and racing springs, racing camshaft with timing over 300 deg and lift over 8mm (on camshaft), compression ratio over 12:1, ITB from motorbike, rally exhaust manifold 4-2-1, full programable ECU get 140 HP and 155Nm. Driver wins many races and have title Master of Hillclimb races 2017 at Slovakia.


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