In 2012 was first idea about milling machine for prototyp parts and small production for motorsport. But common milling machines are too big and heavy (for small garage), we focused on small table machine. And also with PC controlled motors. First sketches get vision about properties and dimensions and we continue with 3D desing in CAD system. Its easy take all necessary drawings and shapes for lasercut and waterjet. Main beams and metal parts are from 16mm steel, table from 40mm aluminium. For movements are used linear bearings THK and HIWIN. Stepper motors 1.8Nm are drived with multi driver board with Toshiba chips TB6560. Spindle is high speed 1.5kW air-cooled from Italy ( Tecnomotor co.). Common old PC with paralel port and it works perfect 🙂        (with some changes and upgrades till now)


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